Pick & Mix

Pick & Mix – collect your own buffet

Minimum for 25 persons

Collect your own buffet: Starters, salads, main course and desserts. We recommend 2-4 fish or meat starter, 2-4 salads, 1-2 main courses and 1-2 desserts. Bread selection and butter includes the buffet. Leipävalikoima ja voi sisältyy hintaan. Minimum budjet for the buffet is 38,00 € / person.

Choose fish or meat starter 5,00 € / pcs

Salmon pastrami with pickled cucumber and lemon D, GF
Shrimp Caesar salad with loaf croutons and Parmesan LF
Warm smoked white fish and sour cream sauce with lemon LF, GF
Duck rillette and goose berry jam D, GF
Country style salad with roasted chicken and bacon D, GF
Beef roast, tuna and capres D, GF

Choose salads or vegetable starters 3,50 € / pcs

Green salad and lemon vinaigrette V, GF
Salad from vinemakers cheese, nuts and pear LF, GF
Salad from tomato and marinated cottage cheese LF, GF
Clear potato salad with herbs V, GF
Lentil and pumpkin salad with caramelized fennel V, GF
Marinated quinoa and bean salad V, GF

Choose for the main course

Roasted salmon with creamy shrimp sauce L, GF 12,00 €
Roasted white fish with dill sauce L, G 16,00 €
Over cooked lamb neck with wild mushroom sauce L, GF 14,00 €
Grilled  corn chicken breast with dark rosemary sauce D, GF 12,00 €
Lentil patty with warm Romesco sauce V, GF (inc. almond) 12,00 €
Beetroot lasagna with toasted goat cheese LF (V without goat cheese) 10,00 €

Choose sides for the main course 3,00 € / pcs:

1 potato- and 1 vegetable option includes the price 
Herb roasted potato V, GF
Horseradis and potato terrine L, GF
Warm potato and bean salad V, GF
Polenta seasoned with thyme LF, GF
Tomato and letil ragout V, GF
Braised red cabbage and almond V, GF
Root ragout with pesto LF, GF
Cauliflower gratine L, GF

Choose dessert 5,00 € / pcs

Traditional tiramisu LF
Blueberry panna cotta and rye crumble LF
Apple pie with vanilla foam LF
Fresh fruit salad with passion fruit broth  V, GF
Vegan chocolate cake and strawberry V, GF
Carrot cake and sea buckthorn mousse LF

Drink packages

All drink packages includes coffee / tea

1. Two portion from below – 15,00 € / pers
Provetto Brut Spumante; Spain
Casa Albali Verdejo Sauvignon Blanc; Spain
Casa Albali Tempranillo-Shiraz; Spain
Sandels III / A. Le Coq / Sherwood (beer/long drink/sider)

2. Three portion from below – 20,00 € / pers
Provetto Brut Spumante; Spain
Casillero Del Diablo Chardonnay; Chile
Casillero Del Diablo Shiraz; Chile
Sandels III / A. Le Coq / Sherwood (beer/long drink/sider)

3. Three portion from below – 25,00 € / pers
Perelada Cava Brut Nature Cuvée Especial; Spain
Landhaus Mayer Grüner Veltliner; Austria
Gérard Bertrand Réserve Spéciale Merlot Bio; France
Sandels III / A. Le Coq / Sherwood (beer/long drink/sider)

4. Three porton from below – 30,00 € / pers
Prosecco Organic Alberto Nani; Italy
Livon Collio Friulano; Italy
Fontanafredda Langhe Nebbiolo; Italy
Sandels III / A. Le Coq / Sherwood (beer/long drink/sider)

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